Etude House Drawing Eyebrow #4 Review

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hi guys, how's life? Jakarta is getting worse lately! I need to repurchase my beauty stuff but too lazy to shop in the weekend. So, I start to buy everything online. Nowadays, online shopping is really helpful. I can purchase my needs via internet, this is very useful. Sometimes the price is much cheaper than mall stores.

Without hesitate I repurchase my eyebrow pencil from Tokopedia, the biggest marketplace in Indonesia. A lot of various eyebrow pencils on their website. But I'm so in love with Etude house drawing eyebrow because it's so simple and easy to use. However, this product is really on budget. Pretty cheap! I bought this product for only idr27k and the seller gives me sweet recipe baby choux base sample for bonus.

click on the picture below to purchase:

I've been using etude house drawing eyebrow #6 (black) for 3months, and this is for the first time I'm using product until it run out. But for now, I switch it up into another color to have a more natural look with #4 (dark grey).

Still in the same packaging which really easy to bring also travel-able, tiny and slim with dual ended. Fit into small make up pouch. 

I just realized that the cap color follow the pencil color. So this time the cap is on the dark grey!

The first end is brush;

and the other side was the eyebrow pencil itself.

See the difference between #6 and #4? #6 much darker than #4 and I think #4 is a good choice to have a more natural look. I also like the way the pencil in triangular shaped. It makes easier to use.

And here's how the drawing eyebrow works on me:

(naturall messy hair look ever! LOL)

left: using #6 (black)
right: using #4 (dark grey)

How to use?
♥  Follow your eyebrow line and keep it flat. 
♥  Fill your eyebrows gap from middle to end.
♥  Tilt the pencil to the end of your eyebrow line.
♥  Brush it. 
♥  Raise the brush slightly where necessary.

More details:

#6 black

#4 dark grey

However, both of them show up well on my eyebrows. And I've been using this pretty much for my everyday make up. It looks soft like a real eyebrow.


Long lasting power.
Easy to use.

A review said that the cap break easily.

Recommended? Yes or no?


Hope some of you found this review useful and you're enjoying this crazy Monday. RAWR! ^^


  1. Bentuk pensilnya mirip angel brush bukan ya? Harus beli Online T_T

    1. Hai Rose, aku belum pernah icip angel brush jadi kurang tau juga.

      Iya, kayaknya udah jarang banget storenya etude house di mall2 Jakarta yg jual drawing eyebrow ini. Jadi, sepertinya emang harus beli online hihihi

  2. hi salam kenal!
    just followed you ^^

    aku juga beli yang warna hitam. tapi kalau gak hati2 kereng banget kayak shinchan. tp di kulitmu kayaknya ga masalah tuh. malah jadi baguusss...


    1. Iya mesti tipis2 makenya jangan sampe ketebelan. Dan aku udah pewe banget sih pake produk ini hihihihi

      Okay, aku follback ya. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Do you have black hair? I'm planning to buy this because I have black hair, which means black eyebrows as well, and I don't know which color to get. Which color will match more with black hair? #4 or #6?

    1. 4 is more natural, I highly recommend this for you :D

  4. That's cool. I prefer the number 4 as well. I agree with you that the shape of the tool makes it much easier to use. An angled edge gives you more precise eyebrows and results in fewer errors. You can quickly draw the shape that accentuates your look.


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