Hada Labo Shirojyun Whitening Starter Pack Reviews

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hi guys, I just bought this starter pack from carrefour last week. I rarely see this starter pack, usually I only saw gokujyun alpha antiaging. It's quite interesting why this starter pack is hard to find. Okay, now I'm so curious hahaha.

There are 3 products on this starter pack:
  1. Ultimate Whitening Lotion
  2. Face Wash
  3. Ultimate Whitening Milk

(Hada Labo Shirojyun Whitening Starter Pack)

(See the dark spots on my face? Yup it's because of my past pimples)

Each product has its own function. As you can see the tagline of HL in the packaging is "perfect x simple".  It contains High Purity Arbutin + Vit C+ Hyaluronic Acid, with fragrance free and colorant free. It also says that this products can help to achieve "bright clear and supple skin". 

Well, I hope it works well on my face. Everyone has a slightly different type of skin and it's important to know what type you have to keep your face looking at its best. I have a normal skin by the way, and a lil' bit dry in T zone.

How to use?
Please see the picture below:

(step by step to use the products, written in the packaging)

First, clean your face with HL facial wash before applying lotion. 

And then drop the ultimate whitening lotion for about 4-6 drops in your hand, path it gently into all over your face. 

Apply your essence if you have, but if you don't, just skip the third step. For the last, drop the ultimate whitening milk in your palms for about 1-2 drops and rub your palms, pat it into your face until it absorbs well with you body-heat.


♥ Affordable price, only idr 22k.
♥ Easily found.
♥ No fragrance.
♥ Colorant free.
♥ Maintain elasticity and smooth-healthy skin.
♥ Help to achieve bright clear and supple skin
♥ For normal skin.
♥ containts High Purity Arbutin + Vit C+ Hyaluronic Acid.

♥ Haven't found it yet! But other review said that you have to stop using it when you have pimples, because it makes pimples grow and enlarge.

Recommended? Yes or no?
♥ YES!!!!

RANKING: 5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥

                                                                             With love,


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