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Monday, October 06, 2014

Hmmm actually I bought this product from last month when I'm on my vacation with my family to Spore. I felt so glad because I found several products under 15 S$, because you know, I had no idea about the dollar exchange rate zzz. What I mean is, when I went abroad I feel like Indonesian Rupiah had nothing at all if I compare to dollar. And lucky me, I found several products with affordable and reasonable price in Singapore.

Before I begin, I wanna tell all of you to be more careful when you're using prepaid baggage. Because when I'm back home from Spore, my plane has arrived at T2 Soetta and I found that my mom's luggage had opened and the padlock already broken. So does my luggage! The handle was broken and some of the stuff inside were damaged. THIS IS A CRIME! 

Okay let's get back to the topic ... Here's all the products that I bought!

1 S$ = IDR 9500

1. Nail polish remover pads (5 S$)
Nail polish remover pads offer a very quick way to remove polish in one easy step. It also help strengthen and nourish your nails while moisturizing and softening your cuticles at the same time. Perfect for travel!

2. Snake brand prickly heat cooling powder ocean fresh (1.30 S$)
This product is the original cooling, refreshing and soothing powder from Thai which is effective in relieving itching, prickly heat rash and skin irritation from hot weather.Contains kelp complex extract from deep sea that helps protec skin from pollution and retain skin moisture. Suitable for daily use.

3. Vaseline petroleum jelly aloe fresh (4.2 S$)
Vaseline Aloe Fresh petroleum jelly is a light and soothing gel that glides on to skin for an instant burst of hydration. Its unique formula contains 100% pure Aloe Vera, renowned for soothing and hydrating properties. The fresh fragrance of soothing Aloe Vera combined with quick penetrating conditioners revitalise skin leaving it feeling cool and refreshed.

4. Vaseline petroleum jelly original (2 S$)
Vaseline original 100% pure petroleum jelly is made using a unique triple purification process which creates a petroleum jelly so pure that it works naturally with your skin, helping it to rebuild moisture and renew itself.

5. Batiste dry shampoo fruity and cheeky cherry 30g (3.40 S$)
Batiste dry hair shampoo is the classic dry shampoo that instantly makes your hair feel clean, and remove the greasy hair quickly in a single spray. Leave your hair fresh with the scent of fruity & cheeky cherry.

6. Batiste dry shampoo floral and fruity blush 30g (3.40 S$)
Batiste dry hair shampoo is the classic dry shampoo that instantly makes your hair feel clean, and remove the greasy hair quickly in a single spray. Leave your hair fresh with the scent of floral and fruity blush.

7. Lucido-l designing tank hair milk - nuance gold (7.70 S$)
It can createfluffy finish without dryness through liquid oil and moisture retaining agent. It also can spread easily, non-sticky and protects hair from heat. It contains panthenol with light fragrance (green floral scent).

8. Liese black tea brown (13.90 S$)
So lucky, I got a special price! I saw this product on watson and the price was 19.90 S$ then I went to Mustafa (because my hotel is just across the mustafa) and I found it 6 S$ cheaper than watson LOL.

One box of Liese is enough to color shoulder length hair. It contains honey to moisturize your hair with rinse-off treatment, low smell formula and gray hair coverage.

9. Liese atique rose (13.90 S$)
Liese is a bubble hair color for evenly colored hair. It contains honey that make your hair feels smooth when fingers comb through. It also contains hydrolyzed silk that gives hair a shiny and moisturized finish with rinse-off treatment, low smell formula and gray hair coverage.

Actually I bought another products when I went to forever 21 in Orchard and bought this 2 very cute stuff:

floral comb for 7 S$ and the eyelash curler for 1 S$

So what do you think should I review first? You can leave your suggestions in the comment box below!

With love,
Ririe Prameswari


  1. Ririe... aduh mupeng ngeliat beauty haulnya, hhihiih...
    kepengen nyobain juga jadinya yg Vaseline Aloe Freshnya >,<

    oh iya aku follow blog kamu, mind to follow each other?
    seneng banget bisa ketemu ririe di BBMeetUp kemarin <3

    1. Hai Manda, vaseline aloe freshnya bener-bener fresh loh! Aku beli murah banget untuk ukuran big size hihihi. Tiap malem aku jadiin night cream nih :p

      Followed! Semoga bisa ketemu di next event ya <3

  2. Aku pengen nail polish removernyaaaaa ;*

    1. Itu nail polish removernya membantu banget kalo pengen buru2 remove nail polish hihihi. Kayaknya di cotton on Jakarta juga ada deh :D

  3. beauty haul nya bikin mupeng! review yang Lucido-l nya dongg :D

    1. Siap Imel, nanti aku review as soon as possible hihihi :*

  4. All so lovely *__*
    I'd be interested in reading about number 2, sounds like a unique product!!!

    恵美より ♥

    1. Really? LOL! I'm using this product to prevent acne on my forehead :D


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