Sweetlikeapeach.com Has Been Hijacked!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hi to all Sweetlikeapeach.com readers!! Gue Aya, temennya Ririe dan tepat beberapa hari yang lalu gue nemenin Ririe hangout bareng her beauty blogger fellas. Ririe and her friend challenged me to share some of my experiences that only a friend of beauty blogger or blogger in general would understand.

behind the story of a beauty blogger

Itu alasannya, gue nge-hijacked blognya Ririe, but sure with her permission! So, tanpa basa-basi langsung simak aja, apa sih suka-duka temenan dengan seorang Beauty Blogger hahaha.

You are her forever photographer. Be ready 24/7. 

This is for real dude, seriously. Ketika lo lagi sama dia at some event or not you just have to be ready when suddenly she will say "eh, tolong fotoin gw dong sambil megang ini" (the things for her to review). 

behind the story of a beauty blogger

Dan ketika lo udah biasa sama semua ini, maka at some point you just offer her to take some of her picture before she asked you to. And that also apply if you happen to be with her at some event, you will just automatically take her camera and started to take some picture of her at the event like her personal photographer.

Its a sin to eat the food , your food, before she photographed it.

When you are hanging out with some friend obviously this is the most favorite activity. But damn.. When you are really hungry and the food comes late, the last thing you want to do when the food arrived is waiting. 

behind the story of a beauty blogger

There will be occasional time when you are going to wait for her on an event, and its a long one. 

One time could be an hour or two, the others could be 5 or 6 hours. Blogger event or filming cannot be predicted, because they can be late and maybe there would be some technical problems that can pushed back the schedule. So you never know! 

behind the story of a beauty blogger

The good thing is you’ve got to try the product for yourself also! 

Yes, when you escort her to some event you might get some goodie bag consist of some product and thats one of the good things to have your friend as a beauty blogger. Not gonna lie, it feels nice. 

But, you have to sacrifices your stuff (that is technically from her, but still.) For her to try because she doesn’t want to ruin her stuff that she hasn’t took picture of. 

I think it quite clear for this point what Im about to say. Of course that is how they work. Take picture for the fresh- brand new product without fail, and then after that use the product to see how it is. But, sometimes you just cannot wait to use the product while you feel so lazy to take any picture first. That is why the product I have is a perfect choice and you just cannot refused. 

You are about to experience the torture of the beauty right in front of your face. And you have to be strong enough to take picture of it. 

Well its not like its bloody or anything, but still not my favorite thing to see. Like five or more injection procedure or some weird ultrasound stuffs that makes you dizzy. 

And she still thinks that picture needs to be in a better angle. 

Yes, she needs a better angle on some face injection procedure, thank god she didn’t ask the doctor to give her more injection just to get a nice picture.

But I know she wouldn't do that because it hurts, according to the sound of her screaming!!!

If you happen to be a designer like i do, then eventually you are going to be her private designer. Any kind. 

Illustrations, name card designs, style mix and match, or even layout of her blog and rate card. Full contribution or just a consultation. I have done it all, at all times. Thank god for the time difference!

behind the story of a beauty blogger

behind the story of a beauty blogger

Also in my case that I used to live abroad. Be ready for the long list of product that she wants you to buy her because its not available in your home country. 

OH YES, that long list will come to you at some point. Walaupun lo belum akan pulang dalam waktu dekat. Bourjouis, Make Up Revolution, Bobby Brown, Urban Decay, you name it. Any kind of make up brand that exist, you will be familiar with all of those and the prices. 

Don’t even let me start about what happen when the sale is coming. Its madness! Well, at one side you are kind of happy to tell your friend that the sale is coming and there are many of the new stuffs and all. Its just indescribable love and hate relationship. 

behind the story of a beauty blogger

But in the end you cannot denied a fact that you are proud of her for being a quite famous beauty blogger. Quite. :P 

cahaya lituhayu friend of ririeprams beauty blogger

Thank you so much for reading my stuff I want to share. If you have another things that you, my fellow blogger friend, also experienced, you can write it in the comment section bellow. I’m so sorry for my unpretty English and I hope you enjoyed it. 

Now its time to return the blog to the blogger. 


  1. Ayaaaaaa gilaaaa akhirnya dipost jugaaaa :D hahaha

    1. Ayaaaa dikatain gila nih sama Agnes huahahhahaha

  2. AYAAAAA!!!!!

    Ya ampun tadi gue ngirain beneran di hijack blognya ririe hahaha

    well, gimanapun juga tetep ngerasa bangga sih punya temen seorang beauty blogger yang lumayan eksis. eh lumayan atau sedikit aja ya? *diplototin ririe*

    btw, welcome back to Indonesia Aya :D


    1. Yeay kena deh! Emang ngarepnya orang2 nyangka di hijacked beneran huahahaha. Dikit aja Ti jangan kebanyakan, aku mah apa atuh huahahaha

  3. HAHAHA gue sempet ngira dibajak beneran Ri!

    Very thorough description of a beauty blogger life. Semangat kakaaa~

    1. Nabiiilllll hahahaha :****

      Iya and I just realized it then laugh so hard :))))

  4. Awww, super sweet. She's one hell of a best friend! You go girls.

  5. Senengnya punya temen yang mau nemenin :) Aku kalo ikut acara sendirian :'D

    1. Ahhhh ajak aja temen kamu, lumayan buat fotoin huahahhahaha


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