Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Monday, September 07, 2015

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post about makeup tutorial. Some of my blog readers requested me to create a new makeup tutorial, and now I proudly present my new 'Wildest Dreams MV by Taylor Swift' inspired makeup tutorial! LOL~

Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Makeup Tutorial
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Have you watched her new Wildest Dreams MV? It incredibly amazing! Actually I'm focusing on her makeup look, I really love her 50's look. That's why I wanna re-create her makeup look. Although I'll look so much different, but first let me try~

Let's get started and hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial:

Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Makeup Tutorial by Indonesian Beauty Blogger

First of all, cover your face using your favorite foundation and let's begin!
  1. Draw your eyebrow using your fave pencil eyebrow, then highlight your browbone using concealer. 
  2. Apply eyeshadow base all over your eyelid, then apply black eyeshadow on the outer corner of your lid. Next, apply pearl eyeshadow in the middle of your eyelid and blend it well. Then make a perfect wing eyeliner!
  3. Use a dramatic false eyelashes to complete your eye makeup.
  4. Contour and highlight your nose in order to make your nose appear LOL!
  5. Apply a pinky red blush all over your cheek bones.
  6. Highlight and contour your cheekbones and jawline to help you get a perfect v-shaped face.
  7. Complete your 50's look with a bright red lips!
Here's the result ...

Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Makeup Tutorial by Indonesian Beauty Blogger

Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Makeup Tutorial by Indonesian Beauty Blogger

Products that I've been using:
Eyeshadow: Makeup Revolution Stripped & Bare Pro Looks Eyeshadow Palette

Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Makeup Tutorial by Indonesian Beauty Blogger

So what do you think about this look? Do you like it or not? Oh ya, please tell me if you want me to recreate another inspired makeup look. See you on my next post!

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  1. MIRIPPP BANGEET MAKEUPNYA,,, riiiii dandanin aku hahaha kumohon lol


    1. Aduh nanti kalo aku dandanin kamu, trus kecantikanmu jadi hancur gimana >.<

  2. warna lipstick nya cantik. Btw, aku mau nanya. aku selalu pakai lipstick warna pink atau nude yg mengarah ke pink. terkadang pakai warna yg sama itu membosankan. aku pernah coba utk pakai warna merah, tp kata temanku aku terlihat seperti ibu-ibu. gimana solusi utk mengakalinya padahal pengen banget utk pakai warna merah. Thank you

    1. Thank you Nanda :D

      Aku juga gak terlalu pede dg lipstick warna merah. Coba akali dengan mix warna nude di pinggir bibir dan merah di bagian dalam bibir. Lalu setelah dipakai, tempelin ke tissue supaya lebih awet dan warnanya gak terlalu terang. hehe :D


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